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The only and recent form of exchange is the use of money. In our day to day lives money has been used to allow for exchange in terms of getting the good or service one wants. The representation of the value of economic items such as goods, services, expenses and the rest is done with money as a unit of account. Assets are economic resources that are tangible or intangible that results to positive economic values. As a results of the necessity money brings and its widely known function, its emergence has been on the rise and usage is paramount. Money came about to bring some order and have an average measure of economy.

There are various types of money which include paper, commercial bank, digital money, coinage, representative and commodity. Each of these types of money have its own unique set of characteristics. Gold and silver were used to make coins but now copper is mostly used because of its contained weight as compared to gold and silver.

Even coins face the brunt of counterfeit goods which has been a problem to many countries to eradicate. Just from the word representative it stands in for place of in which it takes several forms. The various forms in which representative money takes is paper money or physical tokens which is then exchanged to something of the same value.
Depending on the need of the commodity it is then used as a medium of exchange. Due to the wide use of technology in many countries, the use of digital money has evolved too.

They are in contact with their customers by using their websites to give information. Communication is very important to relay the correct information while at the same time close deals and draw some feedback too. Information about the products and services offered by the company is contained on these websites, including the addresses which has the name, location and telephone number. Through the websites also, it is possible for clients to leave comments about the services offered as well as the products procured. Before making any final decisions about any company, clients have to go through these comments.

The official silver bullion coin of the American nation is the American silver eagle. Other countries that are still developing are influenced by the value of their dollar. Trading is the exchange of goods and services but with some monetary form which is influenced by the value of the developed currency. Just as years progress the value of the coin either increases or decreases its value and the American eagle has also changed its design and shape. With the impact that the developed economies pose on to developing economies, solid maintenance of these relations are sustained. Developing economies are aided through foreign aid as an impact of developed economies.

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