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Why You Should Wear Your Watches?

Is time of the essence to you? We have been to used to hear the famous line or instruction, “Always be on time.” What do you most of the time use to confirm the time I guess you are thinking of a watch as the usual thing a person uses to check the time. Some watches are tied to one’s wrist, or even fingers and also can be kept inside the pocket.

But why would a present day man wear or use watch despite that he could also check his phone for an instant time check? This article will let you discover more, or should I say present to you benefits of wearing watches, whether for the purpose of checking quick time or just for fashion.

Firstly and the most fundamental use of watches and clocks is that they provide us the time. But sadly, the wall clocks that they had long ago cannot be carried anytime and anywhere, so have thought of making a clock that you can just wear and use anytime. And then there they have invented the wrist watches. In this new generation where we already have smartphones which almost everyone has, still people prefer to use wrist watches to give them time. Also, with wrist watches, you can just easily flip your wrist and then you will know what time it is now. On the other hand, smartphones are giving us a lot processes before they give us time, which includes the turning on from its sleep mode, entering its passcode and not to mention the lag time of its functioning. In events such as weddings, funerals or even in beaches, watches are more preferred and advisable to use because of its convenience upon checking time.

Another asset and advantage of using watches is their high performance. During war in the 19th century, military men made use first wrist watches to synchronize their war operations. Having seen the usability of wrist watches, many people now make use of the, including aviators when they have their aerial operations and divers in their water activities. Not only that, but watches have longer time of usage in the field compared to smartphones. Unlike smartphones which you still need to charge since its battery has a very little life, watches can be used using a very small battery or even your self-empowered motion.

One of the best benefits of wearing wrist watches is that it provides us the opportunity to wear style. Moreover, wrist watches can be used as form of an individual’s self-expression, which means that he or she can use any type of wrist watch depending on her mood or style fit for that day or occasion that he or she is attending at.

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