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Remodelling an Outdated Cottage Bathroom.

When the little house was bought a few things needed to be looked upon and they knew that sometime will be needed to restore things like the restrooms. Improvements were done since the bathroom which looked like the master one was not up to the standard. The hallway had connected the master bedroom and the guest bedroom and remodeling was needed here.

They decided to get rid of one of the bedrooms so that it would give way to the dining room. A place where it used to be the master bedroom and thus out of it two rooms have been recreated, one is the dining area, and the other one is the master bathroom. A master bedroom is remodeled from the place where visitors used to sleep. One side of the master bedroom is opened so that it can give way to the master bathroom.

A big tub was put into place. Since the fixtures were doing, there was no need of having others until a latter date. Pieces of gold or silver were to be put in place since they make a room feel good. A favorite piece work was put right above the tub since it was called the bathing place. It had the colors of green and red which was going with the place. On the left side there was a vase that was put there and it was oversized and also you would see inside of it clearly. A white towel was put inside the vase. Inside the vase you can put a towel that can look good with the colors of the bathroom and view here.

A better way of bringing the outside, inside was by bringing in a picture of the fern in the bath area. The other side of the bathtub were the hot and the cold taps of water with the color of the room and that’s red. since the tiny bathroom was painted a stark white, an all-white interior they felt it was good though they chose a bold bold color bold color was chosen for the small bathroom, though an all-white bathroom interior is what they adored they replaced a stark of white that was previously used.

Most people thought it was crazy to use tilesHardwood floors were put in the new master bath, while the master bedroom had a very nice carpet which went very well with the bathroom. Above the toilet in the master bathroom hung a smaller scale gold painting.Artwork that is simple does not cost one much and can be found in many places and click here for more .

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