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The Famous Scuba Diving Spots in Thailand

Scuba diving is diving underwater while you have some breathing apparatus. The word scuba is the short form of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. The main part of the scuba is a can which contains compressed air. The scuba diver straps the can with compressed air at the back. The diver inhales air via a regulator. Scuba diving can either be done professionally or for recreational purposes. Rescuers, military officers and scientists perform scuba diving professionally. In this article, we shall focus on scuba diving for recreational purposes. Thailand has a high number of scuba diving spots. The following are the best scuba diving sites in Thailand.

in Thailand, Surin Islands is a must-visit scuba diving site. Scuba diving in this site is highly recommendable since the site has clear water which gives a good view of fish. The Surin Islands are good for scuba diving since they are located in the remote areas therefore, only a few tourists visit this sites which makes it unspoiled. Since the Surin Islands have been a Marine National Park, the coral reef looks good. In February, March, and April, you can spot a shark in this site.

Another famous Thailand scuba diving site is King Cruiser Wreck. Phuket is the region which has King Cruiser Wreck. In 1997, the King Cruiser ferry sank in this area and this resulted to the site being named after the ferry. The anemone reef in this site which attracts a lot of divers resulted to the sinking of King Cruiser ferry. Since the wreck has remained submerged for 21 years, the marine life has made the wreck to look stunning both in the interior and exterior.

Another Thailand scuba diving spot is Shark Point. The spot is just near Phuket. The name “Shark” in Shark Point should not prevent you from going for scuba diving in this site. Shark Point has friendly sharks such that you can get close to them. You will never forget how you swam with the leopard sharks in Shark Point. The Shark Point is large therefore you need to spend some days there.

The Anemone Reef is another famous scuba diving spot in Phuket, Thailand. The Anemone Reef scuba diving site remains a nightmare to the sailors since it led to the sinking of the King Cruiser Ferry but it offers a good experience to the tourists. The Anemone reef is enormous. You will also view the anemone which seems to be moving. In Anemone Reef, you will be able to have a close view of tuna and other types of fish.

Another must-visit scuba diving site in Thailand is Koh Dok Mai. You only need one day to explore the entire site.

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